Copier Leasing 101 – Keep it Simple

Leasing a Copier 101

Leasing a copier is a simple way to pay for using the machine. Other ways may include renting and paying cash. Some clients decide to lease copiers since they want the specific service programs that come with the maintenance and toner all for one price each month. However, you can still get these benefits by paying cash or already owning a copier. Leasing is not an actual requirement in order to obtain a simple service plan. It’s just the most common way the majority of people do it. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that if you need supplies and service included, it’s required that you lease.

If your company needs a service plan and/or supplies outside of the lease, simply buy the machine and then get a contract for supplies and service. The average market price for a supplies and service contract is around $.012 a print for a black and white copier.

Leasing is a significant financial decision that should ideally have some measure of input from a Controller or CFO since it handles operating vs. depreciation expenses. If you’re not sure how this impacts the financials of your Philadelphia company, check with the administrator responsible regarding tax reporting.