Does Buying Toner in Bulk Save Money?

In many cases, business owners make decisions that they think are prudent for a company. However, a deeper investigation of their actions often reveals that this is not the case. One such example of this would be the common practice of purchasing printing supplies in bulk and subsequently placing the majority of the items in storage for later use. While this may seem like a prudent enterprise, it could be costing you money. How? Read on for the answer.

As many people who work within the business sector know, almost every printing product that a company purchases will be issued with a warranty. The warranty is essentially the manufacturer’s promise to provide the purchaser with a full refund in the event that the item does not function properly. If a company is in the habit of storing products, this could become a huge problem. How? Let’s say a company purchases a printer cartridge with a six month warranty. If the business owner stores that product away and doesn’t use it for a year, she or he would not be entitled to a refund in the event that the cartridge didn’t function properly.

Now that you understand how storing printing products can cost your company money, you can prevent the problem from occurring by having ongoing conversations with your Philadelphia manufacturer. The next time you make a printing product purchase, call the manufacturer and ask him to provide you with a detailed breakdown of how long the warranty lasts. If you do this consistently, you could save your company thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

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