Questions to Ask About Copier Leasing

Having a copier becomes essential for almost all offices, but you have to find the right machine. Instead of buying, you can also lease the equipment and ask the following questions to determine if the lease will work for you. Before you sign the lease, ask, “What are your leasing policies?” learning the company’s leasing policy and how long a lease term lasts becomes essential. You should also check if it includes a maintenance service agreement. Make sure that the company’s leasing policy will fit with the demands of your company.Questions

You should also ask, “Does the price remain the same throughout the lease?” Never sign a lease until you know if the leasing price will go up in the next year. In some cases, there is a clause that lets the company raise the price of their copier for each year that passes. We do not recommend signing a lease like this. Lastly, ask, “Can I upgrade my copier if I need to?” over time, you copier needs may change, and you do not want to be held back by a lease. Sometimes a leasing company gives you the option to upgrade your machine if needed.