Maintenance of Your Copier

Have a new copier in the office? While it is great to have a copier, you want to increase the lifespan of your investment, and you can do this with proper maintenance. To start, shake your toner before you install a new cartridge. When you shake it well, this ensures that it will give you the highest quality prints. If you notice that the machine starts to produce uneven or faded documents, take the toner out and shake it. If that does not resolve the issue, you may want to replace the toner.heart

Second, pay close attention to the toner level in your copier. While most new copiers will warn you when you are low, they often give a false warning. You will still find a great deal of toner in your cartridge. Before changing a toner cartridge, wait until you notice a real effect on the copier quality. Finally, clean your copier occasionally to prevent dirt and dust from seeping into your machine. Use a soft cloth to gently remove the dust. Proper maintenance will reduce the amount of service calls and keep your copier running at the optimal level.