Get Organized with Paper Trays

It is not uncommon to have someone get a copier that doesn’t meet their needs later in their lease. It can be quite a process to get an entirely new copier, but luckily that isn’t always needed. In some cases you can simply upgrade parts of your copier to get a better experience. If it is simply that your demand and variety of media has increased then you may be in luck. When you start to get overwhelmed with your printer or copier it can be easy to get organized with paper trays.

Getting additional paper trays may seem like a silly proposition; however, adding an additional paper tray or two can really help you stay organized. They offer you the ability to load more paper at once so you can stop less frequently. They also allow you to organize media for greater ease and access.

For example, you can get different paper trays to hold different media. You can separate paper by color, weight, and size. That means that you could seamlessly transition for a cardstock photo, to a regular document, to an evelope with complete ease. You would no longer have to change paper or deal with your printer getting jammed on different media.

They are especially useful when your printing demand has taken a dramatic increase. You don’t want to have to keep replacing paper and wasting time. It is much smarter to get enough space so that you won’t have to change every day. Follow the following equation to figure out how much paper capacity you should have.

Take your monthly duty cycle – X

Divide that number X by 20 working days in a month. This new number is your daily use.

Round your new number to the nearest 500. This will be at least how much paper you should be able to load.

Getting organized with paper trays is easy. Give us a call today to learn more about simplifying your printing jobs.