Returning a Copier like a Champ 

Returning a copier should be the easy part of the lease. You have followed all the rules of the leasing company, got continued maintenance, and are excited for a new machine. It should be as easy as having the copier picked up, but that’s not how copier leases work. Returning a copier is usually not as easy as you may expect.

The most common, and most expensive, mistake made when returning a copier is not cancelling the lease. What most people do not realize is that you lease does not simply end on the “end” date. Instead, many leases require you to specifically terminate the lease when that date gets close.

If you don’t terminate the lease then many companies will automatically rollover your lease for some additional months. This can be an annoying hassle that leaves you with the same, old copier for months after you had planned. Here’s how you avoid this happening to you.

  1. Figure out if you have automatic rollover in your lease. Read your lease or call your leasing company to find out the specifics of your lease.
  2. Find out when you need to terminate the lease. Most leases require you to terminate the lease within 90-45 days before the lease ends. It can be longer or shorter depending on your lease.
  3. Do not miss this date. If you do there is basically no legal recourse to the continued lease.

Other mistakes to avoid when returning a copier are making sure that everything is packaged correctly. Put toner in separate, sealed bags. Toner can stain and leak, causing problems and charges to your business.

Also, do not assume that your leasing company is just going to pick up the copier. They may want to charge you crazy fees to pick up the copier from you that you did not consider. Figure this out soon, and try to figure out an alternative means of return.

Call us today for help with returning your copier. We can help point you in the right direction and avoid mistakes in the future.