Copier Leases Simplified

If you have leased an office machine before then you may know how tiresome the process can be. There is always another salesperson telling you something that you think you understand only to see something contradict it later. There are so many small provisions to pay attention to that people get lost in the shuffle. At Copier Philadelphia we believe in making copier leases simplified by putting our customers before our personal profits.

You shouldn’t have to be a lawyer to make sure that you aren’t getting ripped off of your copier contract. Few people have the expertise you really need to be 100% sure you are getting the right deal. We have seen far too many people come in with leases that looked good at a first glance only to see hidden things later on that cost them dearly.

Other companies try to keep certain provisions hidden to trick you into thinking you are getting a good lease.

  • Price increases after a few years
  • Hidden maintenance contracts
  • Bad deals on consumables
  • Overpaying for prints
  • Automatic Rollover charges
  • Tricky wordplay to hide various charges

We don’t believe in trying to trick you at Copier Philadelphia. Our copier leases are simplified to make your life easier. Our prices on paper are the honest truth. We don’t raise prices suddenly or trick you into paying silly fees. We have a customer service approach that makes everything easier for both of us.

Come see what makes us different at Copier Philadelphia. We would be happy to talk with you as long as you want until you feel that you understand everything about your lease. Don’t waste your time with the bad copier leasing companies. Come to Copier Philadelphia and get a copier lease that’s simplified.