How to Manage Print Costs

Are you doing everything that you can to manage your print costs? Many business owners look at their budget over and over again looking to cut costs but never even consider the possible savings that can come from their office machine. Most people don’t know how to manage print costs, but that’s why Copier Philadelphia is here to help.

There are two basic schools of thought when it comes to managing your print costs. Either choose someone in your office to be your office copier manager; or, work with a managed print services provider. Either can be a good option but they are both good for different purposes.


  • Choosing an office copier manager. This is a great option for those who work in smaller operations. You can choose someone who already works for you that can handle the responsibility of keeping track of copier usage. This is everything from tracking waste, to finding deals on consumables, and being the first line of defense when anything happens for you machine. This is a cheap option that will yield good results, especially if you haven’t been managing print costs up until now.
  • Choosing a managed print services provider. This is the better option if you work in a large firm or growing business. A managed print services provider will keep track of everything that happens within your copier. They will be able to give you detailed reports on spending, print or copier usage, waste in on just about any consumable, and help you save money. This service will cost money, but if your operation is large then the money that you save will usually be more than you spend.


Either option is good, especially if you are currently not tracking print costs at all. It may surprise you just how much you can save on your office copier. Take control of your finances by managing your print costs and see the difference today.