Getting the Most from a Copier Lease

It is no secret that copier leases can be expensive contract. However, you can get a lot out of your copier lease if you know how to utilize it correctly. Many people do not think twice about what their contact entails. All they do is get an office machine that works and never think about working with their leasing company or reading their lease again. This can be a mistake.

If you are working with a good copier leasing company then you should be able to get a lot of value from your lease. Granted, not all copier leasing companies are as trustworthy as our team at Copier Philiadelphia, but you can still usually leverage your leasing contract at least a bit.

Look through your contract and see what you are actually paying for. You will notice that your price is not just your leasing price for your machine. There could be a number of other things you are paying for as well.

  • Continued maintenance from their maintenance provider
  • Access to additional security processes
  • Access to cheaper consumables through your leasing company
  • Upgrades to your machine
  • Troubleshooting when things go wrong
  • Managed Print services
  • Document management

Services like these can be the best way to get the most from your lease. It can take your lease from an annoying thing you have to pay every month for a machine, and elevate it to an essential part of your business.

Don’t waste money every month on a contract that could be working for you. Take the time to look through your lease and get the most from your copier lease.