Ricoh’s Guide to the Digital Workplace Pt.2

Benefits and Implementation

There are many benefits to a digital workplace. That’s why the platforms and tools you use to develop your digital workplace matter. You have to eliminate the risk of creating various efficiencies caused by incompatibilities. Therefore, it is important that you have to take a strategic approach. Here are some benefits of a digital workplace strategy. 

  • Better employee productivity.
  • Measurable process flows. 
  • Improved overall efficiency.
  • Reduced costs with a better competitive advantage.
  • Enhances business agility. 

Barriers to a successful implementation of the digital workplace

Following are the primary barriers that any business has to deal with while implementing a digital workplace.

  • Forcefully fitting in various technological solutions. 
  • Going for cutting-edge technologies that are not yet properly mature.
  • Developed cloud infrastructures without sufficient capabilities. 
  • Going for big-system replacement without planning
  • Managing IT infrastructure just for cost. 

Planning and implementation of digital workplace

You have to define your vision and decide what your digital workplace will look like. It needs to align with your business goals, and it should also improve service delivery. 

Moreover, it should improve the overall employee experience and make your business more agile. Apart from that, it should empower remote work and reduce physical infrastructure, all while increasing overall employee efficiency 

Also, make sure that you set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. You have to identify the people factor in your workforce and see how much training will be required to work in this new environment. 

It is important that you develop a roadmap first with a proper timeline. You may have to train your teams before you get to that. Working on the implementation of this process is very important.

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