Scanning To Network With Your Philadelphia Copier

Scanning To Your Network? Here Are A Few Suggestions.

With more and more companies cutting costs and going green, it’s amazing how many companies are doing not only document management systems, but electronic correspondence as well. Scanning to a network is in much more demand than a few years ago, and networking your Philadelphia copier for scanning is a newer challenge. Isn’t it annoying that installation of your Philadelphia copier usually doesn’t include this service? Well the primary reason is that it’s a pain. There’s no two ways about it, but networking your Philadelphia copier doesn’t have to be as difficult or costly as most Philadelphia copier companies charge. How to streamline the process:

  • Grab an IT guy and have him available to answer questions during the install
  • Compile IP addresses, passcodes for the network, etc
  • Know who gets what scanning capability and permissions

Doing just a few of these preparatory things will shave hours off the install and setup time, and save you money and time. If you insist on doing it during normal working hours it’s a lot less productivity loss if you cut out some steps and problems when setting up your Philadelphia copier for scanning. If your Philadelphia copier is set up for scanning, there is good reason to believe it’s worth setting up–just make it easier to get it done fast!