Lease Rollovers On A Philadelphia Copier: The Facts You Must Know

Don't Let That Philadelphia Copier Rep Talk You Into A Lease Rollover On Their Terms

Six months and counting. The phone rings. You’ll never guess who it is. Or maybe you will because Philadelphia copier people always call–almost like clockwork–around the 6 month mark to roll you into another lease. The bait? A free upgrade on your Philadelphia copier that’s outdated and antiquated!! What a deal, right? Well let’s delve into this topic just a little more.

  • The Philadelphia copier company isn’t taking a hit or offering a deal
  • The Philadelphia copier LEASE company is giving them a break
  • The MANUFACTURER is cutting them a break on the equipment

And you’re left with none of the savings, but you got a “free” upgrade and got the price of your upgrade rolled into your new lease. Things like this happens all the time with your average Philadelphia copier leasing scenario, and the numbers are never hard and fast numbers–they are designed to trick and overcharge you when all you want to do is click file/print to get a document whirring out of your Philadelphia copier. Hold out for 6 months and let the competition work for you!