Philadelphia Copier Lease Rate Ladders Information

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You With Your Philadelphia Copier

Lease. Rate. Ladders. What do they have to do with you concerning your Philadelphia copier? Well here’s what’s what: These lease rate ladders are what determine your rate (price) of your lease on your Philadelphia copier. The cutoffs vary, and sometimes you’re right in the perfect spot to get bumped up a notch. Common benchmarks are $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000. If you’re total comes to $4800, you’ll be in a lower bracket paying more. When you get into a higher bracket–say above that $5,000 mark, your lease rate goes down on your Philadelphia copiers. Sometimes these tips can counterintuitively save you bundles:

  • Try to spend that $201 on anything
  • Extra supplies for your Philadelphia copier
  • A better data security package
  • More comprehensive maintenance bundle

Anything you can do to get into that upper bracket can work out very well for you. Just calculate what you’re saving over your lease by getting the better rate and don’t spend more than that to get to that higher “rung” on the lease rate ladder. Your Philadelphia copier rep may not offer this information, so just ask, then do the math yourself!