Extra Base Prints Necessary? Not For YOUR Philadelphia Copier

Put money back into your pocket by turning down extra Philadelphia copier base prints

It’s nice to have a safety net sometimes. It’s great to know that you can go over just a little. 100 cell phone minutes, 5 miles an hour, 3,000 prints. WAIT, what? That’s what Philadelphia copier companies do all the time–recommend those extra prints so you “have those backup prints” if you need them. Well at $0.012 per print, you could be paying just over $2000 dollars more than you need to! All from one tiny little up sell designed for your “safety.” Don’t just hand over your money like this for your Philadelphia copier without paying due diligence to what is actually happening. Paying for something you don’t use? It’s not insurance, it’s robbery! But if you authorize it, your Philadelphia copier will most certainly cost you more over the long term. AND if you fall for tricks like this there are a lot of other more tricky things you could fall for:

  • Lease Rate Ladder misunderstanding
  • Rollover for free upgrade tricks
  • Thinking your printing B&W and having it count as color!
These things and more are past articles or soon on the way, so stay posted for Philadelphia copier buying tips and warnings. The Philadelphia copier company doesn’t give their sales people incentives for saving YOU money–they offer them for making THEM money–so keep reading!