If you’re looking for a Sharp copier in Philadelphia you need to see this!

Sharp supposedly selling it’s copier and air conditioning divisions

Be prepared for your future.

So this seems like a scare tactic out of the movie Wall Street or something, but I’ll be fare here. According to Japanese news sources Sharp is rumored to be selling off the above mentioned divisions.

For the purposes of credibility here are a couple of outside articles that cover this in more depth: This one is from Reuters. This one being from Fox.

Maybe your copier rep has dropped off a proposal. Some of the common Sharp copiers that may be called into question would be :

MX-3111U, MX-M314N, MX-M354N, DX-C310, DX-C311, MX-3100N, MX-3110N, MX-M363, MX-4101N, MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-M453, MX-M503, MX-M5001N, MX-M5510N, MX-5111N, MX-M550, MX-5500N, MX-6201N

Now this isn’t all bad. If you’re getting an amazing deal then don’t panic, there will probably be some sort of contingency deal if this goes through at all. The real purpose of this article is to keep you informed beyond what your rep may even know.

We actually enjoy staying up on stuff like this. If you like working with people like that then maybe we could write you a quote the next time you’re shopping.