Before You Get a Copier

Ricoh-MP-C2051Before you buy a copier

Buying a new copier/printer can be an important decision for your company. Here are some items to consider as you shop:

1. Buying a refurbished machine can result in significant cost savings. Refurbished machines have had parts repaired and replaced, have been thoroughly cleaned, and meet new machine factory standards. Because refurbished machines are put back into operation rather than being dumped into landfills they are a good way for companies to be more environmentally friendly. If you have a working, functional copier that you are trading in there are several excellent rebate programs being offered by copier manufacturers—ask your sales representative for more information.

2. Do you produce a lot of printed materials for marketing? Today’s copier/printer machines enable affordable color copying and come with attachments for booklet making, stapling, folding, and collating. Ask your copier representative for a feature and pricing comparison.

3. Have you considered how your machine will be integrated into your existing office technologies? Today’s all in one copier machines come with a multitude of options including integrated fax and scan capabilities, Ethernet connectivity, and the ability to work with office directories such as LDAP or Active Directory. Ask your sales representative about whether your new machine will be able to be controlled from smart phones or tablets and find out about cloud file sharing/printing solutions.