Evaluate the Lifespan of Your Next Copier

Before you go to buy a product, you want to know the potential lifespan so that you can make a smart investment. To do this, check out the MTBF Number that every manufacturer will assign to their copiers. MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failure, and this number will give you a clear idea about how long you can expect a copier to last. Your average copier will have an MTBF Number that says 6,000, which means that it will last 6,000 hours before you have to call in a technician for repairs.Xerox-WorkCentre-7425-7428-7435

After you have seen the MTBF Number, look at how much you plan to copy. If you have plans for copying massive volumes each month, then you will want a machine that gives you a higher Maximum Monthly Volume rating. If you see that a copier does not have a Maximum Monthly Volume rating that will meet your needs, it will do your company no good. You should finally give print speed some consideration. Contrary to popular belief, you want a slower copier for high volume because it offers greater durability than the fast machines.