Leasing a Copier like a Pro

The phrase “knowledge is power” is always true when you sign a contract. Many people skim over the basics and don’t truly know what they are signed. This is often too true when it comes to copier leases. A lease is essentially a contract, and there are rules within those contracts that can cost you money if you aren’t paying attention.

The best way to start leasing like a pro is to understand the preparatory steps for your lease. If you go into a high-pressure sales meeting looking like a novice then they may take advantage of you. Remember the following:

  1. Learn the process of leasing. Understand the questions you will be asked. Don’t guess answers. The more you know about your needs and how the lease works, the harder it will be for them to scam you.
  2. Know the details proposed in the lease. Understand your leasing requirements, such as paper usage, output requirements, and other restrictions that you have to follow. Don’t just assume that you can do whatever you want with the copier once it’s in your office.
  3. Knows the costs and conditions. Remember that your lease may not just be a flat cost. Understand what, exactly, you are paying for and how that affects your total monthly payment. Know the variables and conditions that could lead you to having to pay more.

Not everyone is trying to fool you. Many people, like our team at Copier Philadelphia, do want to help, but you can never be over informed. The more you know about your contract the better off you will be. Call us today to have all your questions answered. You will be leasing like a pro in no time.