Ending a Copier Lease

Getting fines on any type of lease is never fun. It’s even worse when you are at the end of a lease that you thought you followed the rules on. Many people end up paying fees or having trouble with the end of their copier leases because they don’t remember their responsibilities when the time comes. Ending a copier lease isn’t complicated, but you need to make sure you have a few things in line.


  • Automatic Rollover. Looking out for automatic rollover on your copier lease is very important. If you have this provision in your lease then it will allow your leasing company to continue service unless you specify otherwise. There will usually be a date about 90 days before your lease ends that you must contact your copier leasing company to end service on time. Make sure this is marked on your calendar and you don’t miss this date.
  • Copier shipping. One big mistake people make is assuming that their copier leasing company will take care of shipping costs for them. This is hardly ever the case. Make sure you understand who is responsible for taking care of shipping, and schedule it early. It will only become more expensive the longer that you wait.
  • Correct Packaging requirements. Make sure that you know how to package your machine for its return. This is usually something as simple as making sure that you put toner in sealed plastic bags to avoid spills and stains. Follow these simple rules to avoid unnecessary fines.


If you follow these rules then ending your copier lease should be simple. Always make sure to read through your lease and understand everything that you are required to do. This is the best way to avoid getting fined later on.